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Seeding the Alternatives for the Future

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Here is where you can sign our Action Network campaign to write emails to the Goddard College board of trustees and president, Dan Hocoy, demanding that they cease dealings with developers and make the sale to Cooperation Vermont for the preservation of the campus.

Here is where you can donate to the cause.

Thank you for being part of our community!

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Cooperation Vermont was established specifically in this bioregion in preparation for future generations to continue liberatory movement work in a world that will look vastly different in the decades to come because of both climate change and a global end stage for the current capitalist framework. 


In recognition that we are past too many tipping points and climate catastrophe cannot be averted, we must prepare for what is to come.



The mission of Cooperation Vermont is to build thriving community economic and environmental democracy.


By organizing with local communities and existing efforts in the state, Cooperation Vermont is preparing for continued deterioration of economic and environmental conditions and for the inevitability of displaced peoples. 


The vision is to shift away from extractive systems of economic development and, through a Just Transition, collectively create self-sufficient, resilient communities with thriving, ecologically sustainable economies.



Worker Ownership

Place the ownership and control over the primary means of production directly in the hands of the working class.

Community Production

Develop ecologically regenerative forces of production including community-controlled digital production

Economic Democracy

Democratically transform the political economy of the bio region

Self Determination

Attain self-determination as a prelude to the decolonization and truly democratic transformation of the United States.


Vermont specifically was chosen as a location to implement a Build and Fight strategy; it is projected to be one of the most climate resilient bio regions on the North American continent and has a political and cultural history conducive to scalable experimentation


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Develop stable, living wage jobs through worker ownership in cooperatives in strategic sectors needed locally.

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Strengthen capacity for local food production and connecting existing producers to increase food sovereignty.

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Create local production co-ops to produce goods directly serving locally identified needs.

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Support mutual aid networks for community care including during emergencies.

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Launch a land trust for the creation of affordable housing and ownership of communally stewarded land.

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Grow together on topics such as class struggle, self-determination, economic democracy, and decolonization.

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